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When it comes to winter, many of us freeze in the name of fashion. Or…we look like crap just to keep warm. We are often posed with this age-old question: Look stylish or feel warm? NOT ANY MORE! We’ve compiled a list of five tricks that will help you stay toasty without having to compromise your style. You’ll no longer have to look like the Michelin Man to enjoy the season. Take note lads

  1. Rock some Long Johns
    You may feel a little girly pulling them on at first, but don’t fret. No-one will see them (unless you want them too. But that’s your business). Long Johns are designed to grip your leg in order to trap heat and follow your contours without showing on the outside of your jeans or trousers, so you can still show off your tailored trousers or jeans. They are worn by mountain climbers and skiers and do exactly what they say on the tin. Keep. Your. Legs. Warm.
  2. Layer Your Torso
    People just do not understand the importance of layering. By layering your upper half, you’ll keep your whole body warm. Multiple layers of thin clothes trap a lot more heat thansingle, thicker garments and heat needs to get through more walls in order to escape from your body. It not only provides you with extra warmth but gives you a variety of options to play with, depending on your situation. All of us pass through a number of environments throughout our working day, all varying in temperatures. From retail stores to public transport, our body temperature is never really at one constant level. Layers help you adapt to your situation. Take a layer off if you’re too hot or throw another on if the temperatures drops. All the while you’ll be showing off a variety of styles.
  3. Keep Your Head Warm
    More than 30% of your body heat is lost from your head. You may be snugly dressed head to toe, but the moment your coconut feels that wind, it’s going to be chilly mate. You’ll feel a lot warmer by just adding a hat to your outfit than trying to gain heat with thicker or more clothes. So, in Beckham terms – ‘Keep your head warm = keep your hands and feet warm’. There are plenty of hats that look great and keep you warm, so no excuses, and you can always accessorise with something like Serengeti sunglasses.
  4. Vaseline Before You Put On Gloves
    Before you leave the house, apply a fair amount of Vaseline over your hands, rub in, then slip your gloves on. It will help trap the heat in, not to mention keep your hands from looking like my grandfathers knee caps. A neat little trick. Thank us later.

5. Use Headphones As Earmuffs
Earmuffs are simply not masculine. You could have got away with them back in your primary years, but until some eccentric pop star trend-setter decides he’ll buck the trend, you can only expect to see toddlers running proudly around in them. However, that still doesn’t solve the problem of how to keep your ears warm. Fear not, we’ve discovered the perfect solution. Large headphones are a great way to keep those things at the side of your head that never stop growing toasty and warm.This is a perfect excuse for you to carry around your larger earphones. Whenever you feel it’s getting a little nippy, drop your white iPod earphones and pack the big guns.

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