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Four Home Appliances that Use Up More Energy than Others

Every month, you will expect your energy bills to arrive and finding a shocking figure is the last thing you will hope for. As energy usage at home could change every month, you might end up in a guessing game. On some months, you might wonder how the bill could rise that much. Sometimes, it is best to know what appliances are causing the surge. While some home appliances use minimum energy, others use the most in your house. Here are some of the appliances you wish would go easy on energy usage:

Electric Oven/Range

When using your oven once every day at 350 degrees, you might need to spend around $90 every year. However, if you use it more often than others, you may have to change your lifestyle if you want to reduce your bill. Consider cooking more meals at one sitting to prevent your oven from working harder to heat up whenever you cook something. Also, check out for energy-efficient ovens.


Some industry experts say that homeowners may pay around $50 on their dishwasher’s energy every year. Although these machines use very little energy, they don’t go easy on the water they use. It is best to use an Energy Star certified dishwasher to save lots of water and energy every year. Upgrading your machine can also help you save more in the long run.


Your fridge uses energy all the time. You have to keep it on to stay cool and preserve the life of your food items. However, if you want to save money on the energy your fridge uses up, ensure it is working at the right temperature. Also, make sure the cold air is not escaping.

Washing and Drying Machines

While washing and drying your clothes allow eliminates a lot of hard work, it costs you every month. Using these machines could leave you paying $150 every year. But, you save money when you use cold water rather than hot when washing clothes. Just use warm water if really necessary.

Using energy-efficient appliances at home can make a significant difference in your monthly bills. Check out for appliances with Energy Star rating from major brands. You want to enjoy both the convenience and economy your appliances can offer. You don’t have to stress yourself about the energy your appliances use. Just use appliances that have a smart technology to save money for you.

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