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Educational Toys for Early Childhood Development

Childhood development and growth truly begins at a young age. In fact, children’s personalities and traits are based on interactions with early stimuli and environmental factors. Similarly, toddlers can develop problem solving skills while simply interacting with other kids in fun-filled and educational-based environments. With this in mind, Bambino Planet specializes in nursery learning and toys for schools, pre-schools, and day-care centers across the UK.

Whether for teachers, parents or guardians, it is essential for children to have access to toys that expand their educational horizons. From art and crafts to wooden toys and puzzles, children can enjoy hours of fun while learning crucial skills that will help them throughout their lives.

The Best at Bambino Planet

Children’s personalities revolve around so many things on a daily level. While parents can teach their kids proper ethics, morals and rules –they also need the freedom to develop their individual personalities and strengths. Bambino Planet approaches their creations with growth, education and building blocks for a successful future in mind. In fact, they offer a wide array of nursery learning and toys that are essential in growing children’s minds and overall development. This includes but is not limited to:

Arts and crafts — clay, puzzles, mosaics, art brushes, crayons, pencils, papers, pastry dough sets, magnetic chalkboards, art stations, easel sets and much more.
• Mathematics and ICT — numbers, geometric shapes, math puzzles, sand timers, builders, giant abacus, stacking rockets, and fun-filled universal science toys and accessories.
• Role play — wooden fire engine trucks, cooking sets, baking sets, play shops, rolling pins, and more.
• Small world — toy highways with cars, plywood bridges toys, wooden tractors for farming, mini-buses, wooden moose and animals.

Children love to explore new adventures each day. Whether in the classroom or at home, kids spend most of their time playing with other children or on their own. At Bambino Planet, they are the UK’s leader in educational supplies and resources for nurseries and schools. With safe products that have passed stringent requirements and criteria, your kids can enjoy mathematical puzzles, painting, and drawing, reading or just lounging around and having fun!

Hideouts and Dens

Kids are in their own world during playtime. In fact, many children love to hide within dens they create of pillows, comforters, blankets and other items. While parental and teacher supervision is a must, you can easily monitor your kids while they are building out their next adventure. Bambino Planet features a full assortment of hideouts and dens. This includes outdoor/indoor Wicker Elephants with easy access and exits. There is also the Forest Tunnel, Dark Cave Canopy, Natural Tree House and Tunnel, and Giant Happy Architect for kids that love to build and expand their educational capacities.

A Life-Long Learning Experience

Children of all ages must have the right toys and accessories to spend quality educational time. Bambino Planet offers toys that are the perfect alternative to tablets and young-age computers. While these too are essential for learning, recent studies have shown that kids are becoming dependent on these devices — even at a young age. With this in mind, contact Bambino Planet or visit their website today to explore the best educational toys for the home, nursery or day-care at cost-affordable prices!

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