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Consider These Five Aspects Before Buying Forestry Equipment!

If your business deals in timber, wood and other branches of forestry, it is likely that certain equipment and tools will look necessary. For small businesses, renting is a decent choice, but if you consider profitability and long-term benefits, buying and owning l’équipement forestier is a better idea. In this post, we bring a few tips that may just come handy.

  • Consider what you require. From simple things like a log splitter, to loaders, trackers, skidder, mulcher and more, the range for forestry equipment can be really diverse, and it makes sense to make a shortlist of what you require immediately. Some of the investments can be postponed for the time, so prioritizing the list is a good idea.
  • Consider the price. Eventually, it does make sense to compare the cost of renting vs. the price. Forestry equipment tends to be expensive and require considerable investment, which is why it is best to consider future goals of the company before picking up something.

  • Consider a secondhand option. Yes, it is possible to buy second hand equipment, but be careful from where you get the product from. You don’t want to get a loader and spend huge amounts on accessories and repairs.
  • Consider online shopping. A bunch of manufacturers and sellers have their online stores and websites, where you can check product designs and details and make a choice based on your requirements. Online vendors often have the best deals because of the limited overheads and you can make the necessary enquires over email and get the essential brochures.
  • Consider the choice of financing. In case of equipment meant for forestry and wood businesses, you need to be a tad more careful with financing. Even if you have the budget, it is best to get a loan instead of relying on savings alone. This also allows you to have enough cash, which finally helps in keeping the operations in flow. You may want to compare and consider a few financing options, as well.

Finally, don’t plan to get all sorts of equipment and machines at once. Start slow, rent where required, and find a vendor that you can rely on. Many also offer flexible payment options and have all the latest choices, so doing some initial homework always helps. Also, compare the prices, check if you can avail some of the offers and if the seller offers flexible payment choices.

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