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Before You Test Drive Any Used Car, Check for These Points

In the present economic situation, only wealthy people can afford to buy brand new car. For rest of us, there is a huge market of used cars available and we are free to choose cars of any model of our preference.

However, before you choose a used Mercedes Benz for test drive, you must complete these following steps.

  1. Do some research

You must get as much information as possible from different sources about the model that you have selected and should know about its maintenance issues. If you are armed with better knowledge then you can ask questions.

  1. Ask more questions

Asking questions will reveal the actual reason, why the previous owner is trying to sell his car. Also, it will help you to know the past history of the car and you will get better points for negotiation. You will also know what you are getting for the amount you are paying.


  1. Check the car physically

Inspect the condition of the car thoroughly. There can be any visible marks of scratch, dents, oil leakage, rusting or any mold and mildew etc. All these can be your negotiation points.

  1. Check the tires

By looking at all the four tires you can make out how the car was used or misused and maintained by the previous owner of the car.

  1. Fluid check

Check the dipstick and if it shows low level or dry then it is a sure indication that previous owner never bothered to maintain his car.

  1. Strat the engine

After starting the engine open out the hood and look for any abnormal sound. This can tell you a lot about the present state of the car.

  1. Go for a drive

Prefer to drive the car on the road where you can drive at various speed.  Apply brake after some time to see how the car behaves. Do you notice any problem in suspension? How was the transmission? How the clutch is engaging? Are all the signs on the dashboard working properly? How is the window, stereo, lights, locks and air conditioner working?

  1. Carfax

From here you can find the actual history of the car about any accidents etc. You can verify if the previous owner has given you correct account of the car.

  1. Pre-purchase inspection

Few dealers may give you complete inspection report about the car. However, if you are buying from a different source then get the car properly inspected by any experienced car mechanic.

After knowing full details about the car, you can negotiate its price properly.

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