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All About E-Commerce Shipping and Fulfilment – Effective Steps for Doing It in Best Way!

So now, you have really hit a big time! You no longer ship just few stray items each month. You have finally reached a position where you literally stress about packaging orders and delivering them right on time! With great excitement come great responsibilities too!

You want your customers to be impressed and happy when your products reach at their place, isn’t it? If anyone orders products from you on web, you don’t have the opportunity to leave your impression in person, but you can wow them with proper delivery of your items.

You require standing out among your competitors by delivering memorable and personalized experience to your consumers. So here is the ultimate guide to shipping and fulfillment that will help you right from beginning to end!

Start with the packaging!

These days, there is an ample of box styles available. Plus, there are all kinds of customized boxes as well for the retailers. However, make sure that your custom boxes are functional along with having proper appearance. After all, the significance of appropriate size of the box cannot ever be overstated. Your packaging is ideal way for promoting your brand. So, use it well!

Go for Little-Extras!

Not just outside, but you can go for something inside of your box too for making your brand shine. While you can use protective cushioning for the items, you can even go for inner packing to flaunt some style!

You can add little surprises that can excite your customers. Go for the things that can get your overall packaging noticed and appreciated!

Fulfilment Options

  • Self Fulfilment

At first, you might not have enough budgets for outsourcing your shipping and packaging tasks. You will require in-house software. While Excel sheets may be simple to use, you will likely end up considering CRM technology once you get more and more orders.

  • Drop Shipping

When it comes to drop shipping, you won’t own your inventory before selling it. This option will definitely eliminate few risks as you won’t be stuck with the products that are simply not moving! However, you may lose some control though.

  • Third party fulfilment

Your business might be expanding and you require some additional help. You may even be short on the space for your items and finding some extra storage. In both the cases, third party fulfilment is right option for you. In this option, you actually own the product.

Overall, if you have a complete shipping as well as fulfilment plan, you can really save your money and time! Staying organized is the key here.

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